Case study: Getting an international digital ad tech and creation player on the media map in Germany with the mission to generate concrete leads


Task: Huss-PR-Consult was hired by an US-based global player of adtech intelligence and creation to establish media contacts, generate coverage quickly and ultimately generate leads for the German subsidiary.

Challenge: The player was a unknown entity for media and the company didn´t really match the categories of the media targets


Huss-Consult implemented a two-faced strategy.

We staged proactive media contacts via a round of editorial visits for the German management in order to explain the business of the company, the value for readers and where it was based at the intersection of media agencies and brands.

Furthermore a careful and constant approach of relevant forward features and guest commentary opportunities was taken.

Trend and outlook articles as well as case studies

Carefully selected announcements of press releases

Speaking opportunities research and exploitation

Results – over 40 articles per year were published, putting the expertise of the management and the innovative solutions in focus.

Client tells us “every penny of the PR money brought value”, as great leads.