Huss-PR-Consult – What we offer

Social MediaWhether long term PR initiative or project Huss-PR-Consult helps clients with professional PR strategies and a successful implementation. The kick-off marks a profound analysis of business goals, PR messages and target media which we produce in co-work with our clients followed by a clearly laid out strategy.

The benchmarks of our success are implementation and concrete results, not mere plans on paper. We know what journalists need, that´s why we have solid contacts with tier one daily and business media. Solid and newsworthy information are useful for media, companies and readers alike. We take care, that the valid information of our clients is well received by media.


Our services entail

  • Strategic consultancy, tailored to the individual needs of each client.
  • Your press office on location, handling press activities and enquiries and your eyes and ears on the market.
  • Media relations utilizing the right measures via suitable channels. Not every communications goal is suited for all media channels. We tell our clients where and how they are getting the best results for their messages and products, be it print, broadcast, web or social-media-channels.
  • Trade PR and ghostwriting. Guest commentaries and case studies are suitable tools to gain coverage in trade media. Huss-PR-Consult writes and places articles, tailored to the needs of the publication, supporting your sales activities.
  • The art of intelligent agenda-setting and topics placement. Not always direct product PR is the road to success. Many times the story around it catches the attention. We create and place topics in conjunction with your PR messages.
  • Speaking opportunities at industry and business events. Being a speaker at relevant industry events increases the reputation of management and company, we ´ll get you on stage
    CEO-PR and management interview are key elements of a corporate PR initiative and a top level PR instrument we are implementing for our clients.
  • Press briefing, editorial visits and press conferences, we know how to organize these and when they work and when not.
  • Market & competition watch. We are your eyes and ears on the market and keep you informed about market movements and activities of your competitors.
  • International PR. Many of our clients are internationally structured, therefore it is important also to coordinate their PR internationally. We have a strong focus on international clients, we know what´s important in that context.
  • Media Training. Being interviewed by media is a special feeling and you need to know the loopholes. We are working with experienced journalists, who train you in real-live situations, how to handle media enquiries and difficult interview situations.
  • Crisis PR planning and implementation. The saying goes, have your plan ready before you even think about crisis. In times of Social-Media a small event becomes fast an almost uncontrollable crisis. We have a lot of experience with crisis situations and are able to help.
  • Coordination with Sales & Marketing. Sales supporting PR becomes more and more important. Sales & Marketing need to know what PR does and vice versa. We are able to help you with the planning and implementation.