PR-to-Market-Report: Getting it right in Germany!

Are you considering starting PR activities for your product or company in Germany? We prepare you for it with a comprehensive individual PR-to-Market-Report.

Huss-PR-Consult has been serving international clients since 15 years and we know how different PR is approached in the various markets in Europe and worldwide. We know what works in Germany and what doesn´t. In order to pave the ground for your PR activities we offer the following:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current level of visibility on the German market.
  • What are your competitors doing in terms of PR?
  • What are the current hot topics in your line of business?
  • Who are the influencers in your market?
  • What is the media landscapes like on the German market?
  • What are the relevant media targets in b2b and b2c, consumer and trade, what social media activities work over here?
  • What are the events to be at and to be speaking at?
  • How do we suggest approaching your PR strategy in Germany?

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